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Different Types of Window Styles for Your Home

Have you ever stopped to appreciate the beauty and functionality that windows bring to your home? These silent guardians not only frame the world outside but also reflect the character within. If your windows are in need of a refresh, look no further than Progressive Windows & Doors, your trusted partner for window replacement in Chagrin Falls, Solon, and Aurora, OH. With an extensive selection of window styles tailored to your needs, we're here to help you revitalize your beloved home.

awning window

Awning Windows

Imagine effortlessly swinging open your windows and inviting a refreshing breeze into your space. Awning windows from Progressive Windows & Doors bring a touch of class while ensuring optimal ventilation.

casement window

Casement Windows

For those seeking both functionality and style, casement windows are a perfect choice. With a single handle, you have full control over ventilation, allowing fresh air to flow into your home effortlessly. Their sleek design adds a touch of elegance to any room.

double hung windows

Double Hung Windows

Enhance ventilation and simplify cleaning with double hung windows. These windows feature two movable sashes, giving you the flexibility to adjust the airflow to your preference. Enjoy the convenience of easy maintenance without compromising on aesthetics.

single hung windows

Single Hung Windows

If streamlined elegance is what you're after, single hung windows are the answer. With their one movable sash, these windows offer practicality and charm. They are a timeless choice for any home, combining functionality with a classic look.

slider window

Glide-By/Slider Windows

Horizontal movement takes center stage with glide-by/slider windows. Ideal for spaces where a lateral slide is preferred, these windows offer a modern and innovative touch. Maximize your view and optimize space with this contemporary option.

picture windows

Fixed/Picture Windows

For those who seek to unleash their creative side, fixed/picture windows are an excellent choice. These stationary windows come in various shapes and sizes, allowing you to capture breathtaking views or create an artistic focal point in your home.

Our certified installers at Progressive Windows & Doors will seamlessly blend your chosen window style with your home's unique narrative, enhancing both its aesthetic appeal and functionality. Get a quote today!

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